Problem JBuilderX & Nokia 6230i

2005-07-25 07:33:30 PM
I tried the Midp_UIDemo using default settings. It runs nicely in the
DefaultColorPhone emulator and displays the image item when I select the
'Image item' menu item. Actually I want to run it using Nokia 6230i
emulator. So I change the project settings (Project | Project Properties |
Run ... Edit button). I select Use the specified JDK and select Nokia S40 DP
2.0 SDK 6230i. If I return to Edit Runtime Configuration I find it strange
that I cannot select the Nokia device from the list under 'Emulator Device'.
More serious is the fact that when I run the application, the 6230i emulator
comes up, but when I select to display the image item, I receive a error
message! What should I check ? How to resolve this problem ?
Any help appreciated. BTW: I am really novice to MIDP programming and
Kind regards,
Rene Heuven