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ErrorInsight and JSF editing

2005-06-21 08:00:07 AM
Markup ErrorInsignt ON ( checked ) and JSF expression introspection
depth 3 with JSF makes editing not very usable even for quite fast
computer. Delay is unbearable , apart from the fact , that for some
reason certain bean properties incorrectly identified as non-existent.
After switching it off ( uncheck ) all works OK.
Any comments appreciated.

Re:ErrorInsight and JSF editing

Michael Mitiaguin wrote:
Any comments appreciated.
This a known bug. I've had success with keeping ErrorInsight checked
but setting the introspection depth to the minimum (which I think is 1
but maybe 0 if that's allowed). I'm not aware of any real fix.
Gillmer J. Derge [TeamB]