Why Kim Beazley story was made and how right part of my brain was removed.

2003-07-14 02:07:56 PM
Assalam uíAlekum,
One of the men who had changed, was really old and was part of secret
service for a very long time. He told me a few good things, anyway he
made this movie, named Jingle all the way and he did it sincerely and
that is why it was pulled out of market too. I was only 19 years old
when John Howard was elected as prime Minister for Australia, though I
donít pay much attention to illusions but as I was unconscious (1998),
ASIO didnít like the story, I never knew what was going on, even
Australiaís politics is controlled by CIA, ASIO I think is only good are
stuffing things up, what ever happened ASIO started making Kim Beazley
story, like he didnít like to be with UK etc etc and slowly phased him
out. The recent episode to make him opposition leader was just a little
effort to undo it, I think ASIO likes to waste a lot of time and
resources on unimportant issues, and perhaps just like to{*word*219} and do
experiments on weaker human beings.
Most of these politicians are only puppets, they say and hear whatever
secret services want them to say and do. But they didnít only stop at
making that story, A person named Jihad(Jack who lived in Williamstown)
who was arrested last year in Pakistan who converted to Islam, took out
my left part of brain, he was used, ASIO told him if he doesnít remove
the right part of my brain, Jews will take out everything, he was
working at Spotswood pizza shop and I was living in garage so I couldnít
cook, I used to buy pizza from this shop, and thus in few weeks thanks
to people like John and Mike McCain my brain was reduced to 1/4.
Honorable ASIO brought justice to a child who was{*word*219}d his entire life
by removing his brain and making{*word*219} stories about him.
I wonder if they do this to their own children as well. They had the
tendency to see and find out my past and they had tendency to find out
Timothy story, they never came to speak to me and be friends with me,
though many people around me who had personal contact had changed. They
could have asked me anything directly and analyzed my physical and
mental condition, but no ASIO just did what it liked to do. Look I think
may be before you work for justice you should ask what kind of justice
you are talking about. Because if it is the kind of justice you have
shown me, I donít want it. I am not here to support one regime of
rapists against others, you cry that Jews did this and that, and you
want to obey God, yet your actions and attitude is like Jews, tell me
where the difference is. Can it that you are just another group doing
what you want to do? If it is about justice, catch all the guys like
Mike McCain, john and others and bring justice to weak and question how
all these things can happen, and discuss these issues in the media. I
think you donít discuss my story in media because you know you are
equally guilty.
It is amazing no one ever question what is going on, it is amazing no
one ever asked if 1/3 of his brain was removed in one night and he is
not conscious how can he attain balance in thoughts.
May God end the days of corrput and inhuman, may God bring unbaised
justice and truth to people once again.
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