Re: The relationship between classes12.jar and ojdbc14.jar aboutoracle jdbc

2004-11-03 11:57:24 PM
Olaf Raether wrote:
Liu Shigang wrote:

>Hi, all:
>I don't know whether it is the right group about this question. If
>I say sorry!
>I used to use classes12.jar, now I am told to use ojdbc14.jar.
>What is
>the difference of these two?
>Thanks a log.
classes12.jar = driver for JDK1.2
ojdbc14.jar = driver for JDK1.4

Olaf Raether
Actually, it was always and ojdbc14.jar. Oracle had JDBC
drivers before the "jar" file spec was ever written, and then they stuck
to that zip file name for FAR too long. Lots of people renamed that
file for deployment to be a jar file, because many custom class loaders
(like Tomcat's) couldn't find that file when it had the .zip extension.
Lori Olson [TeamB]
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