custom property editor - HELP ME

2003-10-21 08:56:39 PM
Can anyone help me to create custom property editor for my JavaBean? Please, send me some functional example (source code). I am not able to create it. I will describe my steps in JBuilder9:
1. I create sample bean with one sample property
2. I create one CUSTOM property editor for that property
3. I click on file that contains custom propery editor - it starts something like this:
public class customeditor extends Panel { ...
Of course, custom property editor is Panel.
4. Now i can add for example some Label to my new editor. So i click on Design in JB9 and put some label to my editor. My editor source changes something like this:
public class customeditor extends Panel {
private PropertyEditor editor;
JLabel jLabel1 = new JLabel(); ...
5. I compile my bean, add it to component bar.
6. I create new app, add my bean to that.
7. When I click on my propery with my custom editor, JB9 shows that 3 dots on the right of property.
8. When I click that 3 dots, some basic frame appears - with OK, CANCEL and HELP button.
But where is my label??!!
I am not able to make any functional custom property editor. Always i make only that basic frame with 3 buttons and NOTHING MORE.