Precompiled Header Frustration

I've tried using the C++ Builder 4.0 on my OWL project, but it is so slow as
to be really frustrating.  What causes the slowdown is the inability of the
compiler to create precompiled headers due to code in an OWL file profile.h.
I also see the same problem compiling 16-bit applications under BC++ 5.02,
but funnily not 32-bit applications (same code).

In BC++ the warning message is:

Warn :  profile.h(35,24):Cannot create pre-compiled header: initialized data
in header

and the offending code is:

    bool GetString(const _TCHAR far* key, _TCHAR far* buff,
                   unsigned buffSize, const _TCHAR far* defaultString = "");

I have no idea why this code contains 'uninitialized data' but it's pissing
me off and wasting hours of compilation time.  Help!

Any ideas anyone? Borland?


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