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What triggers the onclick event


I'm working with TStringGrid in BCB4

I've added some handlers to the onClick, MouseDown and MouseMove
events and found that the order of events before the MouseDown events
are executed is


but when the code in the OnMouseMove event handler is completed only
the OnMouseDown event is triggered and not the OnClick event.

After another control is executed - say onClick of a button the grid's
events are again executed in the OnClick and OnMouseDown order

What should be done to get the OnClick event to trigger after a
OnMouseMove without first to execute some other handlers?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Best regards



Re:What triggers the onclick event

Hi, Andre!

The folks in the borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.using group
can probably help with your VCL question.

Mark Cashman, TeamB C++ Builder
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