Ann: TsiLang Components Suite v4.7.1!

SiComponents would like to inform you that TsiLang Components Suite v4.7.1.
for Delphi and
C++Builder just released!
Main feature is Delphi 5 support!

This is great localisation and internationalisation component suite that
allows you to localise and internationalise all your projects in two

Several features:
-- Works with and without external files
-- Run-time and design-time translation
-- Allows to work with new projects or with already created
-- Changing locales settings for date and numbers formats
-- Changing language immediately on request
-- End-user translation support
-- Support ActiveX Forms
-- Support ISAPI, Win-CGI and CGI applications
-- Support all third-party components
-- Support TField components
-- Unlimited customer support
-- And many other features described at TsiLang home page.

More information at

Best regards
Igor Shitikov
ICQ: 15354432
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