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TStringGrid ... grid line color


You may try to use ProfGrid. It has the corresponding properties:
GridLineColor and FixedGridLineColor.

Downloadable at



Re:TStringGrid ... grid line color

> Does anyone know how to play with the actual grid lines in a TStringGrid

Or, even better, you can get a new component that handles it better.
There's a million of them out there. Here's a sampler of some I've found:

Orpheus by TurboPower : huge toolkit, pretty expensive, does everything

ExpressGrid by Developer Express :

Colosseum Builders TColossalGrid : For some reason they've stopped "supporting Borland
products", but:

Top Support's TopGrid :

TMS software's TAdvStringGrid : I've used this one in the past and it's pretty good.

IMCA Systems TFlyGrid:

Woll2Woll's Infopower:

ProfGrid :

And, of course, check out Torry's for more:

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