inactive windows...desperately need help

Hi Folks

I desperately need your help. I have written a BCB3 program. It consists
of one
parent MDI window and 5 child windows. The child windows are all

I activate each of these child windows by clicking a menu item on the
parent window.
using the command ...

e.g. Form1->Show();

However, when they appear they are inactive. The active form is still
the main parent
window. I can show all 5 forms, tile and cascade them, but they are
still inactive.
What am I doing wrong???

If I remove the line

from the OnActivate event and click on the form once it is activated,
the form disappears.
What  is happening ??

This is driving me nuts and there dosen't seem to be anything on the
Borland FAQs. If anyone can
show me where I am going wrong or provide me with some code snippets, I
would greatly appreciate it.