DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) problem

I want to use Dynamic Data Exchange components of CBuilder 3 to make a
DDE client.
I'm using TDdeClientConv and TDdeClientItem components. My
TDdeClientConv object  opens a link succesfully to the DDE server
application. Then I want to request data from the DDE server application
with the following code:

   if (DDEClientConv->OpenLink()){
      DDEClientItem->DdeConv = DDEClientConv;
      DDEClientItem->DdeItem = "Information";
      res = DDEClientConv->RequestData(DDEClientItem->DdeItem);

RequestData method returns NULL. I debugged the code by inspecting the
value of DDEClientItem->DdeItem property after the assignment statement.
I see that nothing is assigned to that property even after my assignment
statement, its value stays always NULL.

Any help will be appreciated.