RSD announces: DBTreeView 2.6, DBExplorer 0.9 and support web site

DBTreeView Ver 2.6 is released.
Home page:

DBExplorer Ver 0.9 (final beta) is released.
Home page:

RSD support web site:

DBTreeView. New in Ver 2.6:
1. Add the new component - TDBTreePrintDataSet.
It allows to create the reports with the self-reference dataset.
2. Custom draw is added.
3. The ImageIndexField and StateIndexField are added.
4. The TDBTreeViewEdit and TDBTreeViewLookup can be used as a control of
the TDBCtrlGrid.

The DBExplorer component allows  you to organize all your DataSets
into one simple manageable component.
New in ver 0.9:
1. Drag & drop is added
2. You can also view the self-reference (recursive) dataset.
3. A lot of bugs are fixed

RSD creates the support web site.
It contains examples, FAQ's and solutions.
Now you can solve your problems faster.