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Disabling TStringGrid scrollbars resize flicker

I have made a form which contains a TStringGrid and set the ScrollBars
property to ssNone.  I have set the RowCount to be one greater than the screen
is capable of holding comfortably.  I use my own scrollbar to change the
contents in the string grid, thereby saving much memory for my application.

The problem is that if the user resizes the form the scrollbars of the string
grid will flicker on and off while the user resizes it, even with the
ScrollBars property at ssNone.

Does anyone know how to overcome this flicker and keep the TStringGrid's
scrollbars from EVER appearing?

David O'Neil


Re:Disabling TStringGrid scrollbars resize flicker

David O'Neil wrote:


I figured it out.  It wasn't the scrollbars on the TStringGrid.  It was the
fact that the form I had the scrollbars placed on had AutoScroll set to true.
Therefore the scrollbars briefly appeared before Windows and the program had a
chance to update the grid.

Sorry for bothering,

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