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ActiveX Forms connecting a DB

Is there any solution to access a IB database (IB5.6-6.0) from an
ActiveX form (on a distant client) created with BC3

What kind of files (.ocx ?), software (Web server + DB Server + ???)
must be installed on the server and client part ?

Thanks in advance...


Re:ActiveX Forms connecting a DB

Hi, Richard!

There are a variety of ways in which this can be accomplished. Perhaps
the most straightforward way is to convert the ActiveX form to a remote
data module. Then you can use a DCOM connection via MIDAS to access the
database as if it were local.

If that cannot be done, then you will need to alter the ActiveX form to
become a DCOM server, and write logic for it to accept requests for data
and return results. This can be quite complex if you want to be able to
use data aware controls - essentially you will be writing what MIDAS
already provides.

However, why not access the database directly from the new client

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