Problems adding a property to an ActiveX control

I have created an ActiveForm based ActiveX control that runs fine on
its own.  But I'd like the applications that use this control to have
read/write access to it, via a property value.  I have added a
property in the Type Library editor, then updated the get/set
functions that were added.  But I get the following compiler error:

E2015 Ambiguity between MyClockX and Myclockproj1_tlb::MyClockX

I cannot find the root of this error after searching the *_tlb.cpp and
*_tlp.h files for some time.

Am I missing the point as to how to add a property to an ActiveForm
based ActiveX control.

This is my first attempt at creating an activeX control and I'm still
learning.  Does anyone know where I can find examples of creating an
ActiveX control that provides a property interface to the application?