Problems about Making an ActiveX Control

  There are some problems for me when I use BCB 3 to make an ActiveX
Control,if you know something about them, please give me a reply, I'll be
rather thankful to you.
No 1.
  Can an ActiveX Form be transparent to its container?
If it can, how to do it?
No 2.
  In VB, we can biuld a project group which contains an ActiveX Control
Object and a Form Object for testing the ActiveX Control, is there any way
to do the same in BCB 3?
No 3.
  I've ever used VBPlay.vbx in my program, but after OCX replaces VBX, there
seems to be no OCX version of vbplay.
So is there any other OCX like VBPlay? How can I find it (or them)?