Floating point exception error with third party DLL

Hi I have a weird situation occuring and I'm not sure how to debug it.
 I have a third party dll that is called from within a Com dll. Both
dll's are from the same company.  I also have created a VC++ dll that
makes calls to this com object and two executables one in VC++ 7 and
one in Borland C++ Builder 5.  Both executables call the same function
in my created dll.  The function in my dll makes a single call to a
function in the COM dll.  The problem is that the VC++ 7 works fine(I
have a button on a dilog where I can make multiple calls to the
function).  I do the same for the borland executable but the call
always fails on the first call.  Subsequent calls after that operate
noramlly.  I even make the same function call(to the com dll) on my
dll's initInstance() function (and no errors are generated here).

I even tried modified the WinMAin function int he  borland C++ app as
seen below:
In the code below TEST_FUNC() is the function exported from my dll
that makes the call to the Com Object.  I tried to place this call as
the first thing called in WinMAin as seen below but this just
generated an error as well.
I have absolutely no idea where to go from here.  Any suggestions
woudl be greatly appreciated!!

I calso hecked the modules debug window from both C++ Builder and
Visual C++ and the proper dll's get loaded in the same order for both

       Application->CreateForm(__classid(TForm1), &Form1);
   catch (Exception &exception)
   return 0;