Eating a double click message on TRichEdit

I have a TRichEdit control that I want to have ignore double click messages,
or, if not practical, then just have it perform the same action as a single

I tried doing the:

class TMyRichEdit : public TRichEdit
    __fastcall TMyRichEdit(TComponent *AOwner) : TRichEdit(AOwner) {};

    __property OnDblClick;


And then having OnDblClick just return without doing anything, but it still
performs the default behavior anyways (expanding the selection to the entire

Uh, BCB version 6 (Build 10.165) on Windows 2000 SP3.

And what the heck - the about box says "Covered by one or more of the
following US Patents".  One or more?!  How is it they don't exactly how
many or which ones?  *boggle*