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VARIANT in VC++ and TVariant in Borland


I have an interface in my COM server written in VC++ as follow:

        STDMETHODIMP CContingency::readCaContingencyT(VARIANT* pSA)

The input parameter for this interface has changed to the following  in
_TLB.h file as I imported the "Type Library".

        HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE readCaContingencyT(TVariant*

It is now taking "TVariant" instead of "VARIANT".
My question is how to get my SAFEARRAY value inside variant?
I know I can use "GetElement(row,col)" if I use Variant data type, but I
don't know how to get this value using TVariant!
Lastly, what is the main different between "TVariant" and "TVariantT" ?


Re:VARIANT in VC++ and TVariant in Borland

TVariant is just a wrapper around the VARIANT type. It should be
documented in the help files. Also, see utilcls.h for the definition.


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