RLINK32 : Unsupported 16 bit resource in dfm (The fix)

I know the problem (in the subject line) has affected a number of people in
the past, because I've just searched Google to find the answer for myself -
plenty of replies for DCU files, but nothing for 16 bit resources in a dfm.

I have just had the problem in C++ Builder 4 with a set of components
written in Delphi, insdtalling them gets to the linker and fails with the
above message. After searching the borland.public newsgroups archives in
Google and not finding an answer, I decided to investigate. I discovered
that the DFM in question was a text file, rather than a binary one. I
renamed it to .txt and fed it into the convert.exe program to produce a new
dfm file. Convert.exe is supplied in the bin directory for CBuilder 4
(professional anyway). The package of components then built successfully and

Hopefully, this will help someone out there in C++Builder land who is having
similar problems.

Kind regards,

(Putting something back in after learning a lot from these NGs).


Norman Dunbar
Database/Unix Administrator
Lynx Financial Systems Ltd