ANN: TAdvStringGrid v1.92 and new add-on components release

We'd like to announce the availability of new versions of
our components TAdvStringGrid v1.92, TAdvColumnGrid v1.06 and
TAdvSpreadGrid v1.6 together with several new add-on components :
TChartLink, TGridScript and TAdvGridFindDialog to provide you with
new levels of productivity.
In addition 4 new sample applications are provided, showing the new
features and a new sample pack of over 30 demo applications for Delphi
and over 20 demo applications for C++Builder are available.

New & improved in TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid and TAdvSpreadGrid:

- New : Rich text inplace editing
- New : GroupCount function
- New : property CurrentCell to get or set the current cell text
- New : support for HTML formatting in print footer/header added
- New : Find function with backward search option
- New : HTMLSettings.ColWidths:TIntList property to set HTML column
        widths for SaveToHTML
- New : property Filter.CaseSensitive added to control case sensitive
        or not filtering
- New : OnCellsChanged event added
- New : AddProgressEx method added with extra progressbar color
- New : HTML cell drawing with end ellipsis when EnhTextSize property
        is true
- New : ActiveCellShow, ActiveCellFont added to show active cell in
        fixed column and row header
- New : AddRow, AddColumn methods added
- New : AutoNumberRow method added
- New : SortIgnoreBlanks and SortSingleColumn properties added for
        more sorting control
- New : ColumnSize.SynchWithGrid added for proportional column sizing
        with grid resize
- Improved : LoadFromStream./SaveToStream compatible with
- Improved : Enhanced full row select and full column select handling
- Improved : Lots of code improvements and speed optimizations

Specific for TAdvColumnGrid :

- New : cell values can be set as string, integer, float, date & time
        through Column property, making cell access column position

New component TChartLink v1.0 :

- Immediately visualize and update TChart series from TAdvStringGrid.
  Can update charts in synch with editing in the grid.
- Add-on for TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and

New component TGridScript v1.0 :

- Makes TAdvStringGrid scriptable with TatPascalScripter using your
  favourite Pascal language
- TGridScript is a descendant component from TatPascalScripter from
  Automa ( exposing most of the
  TAdvStringGrid's methods and properties

New component TAdvGridFindDialog :

- Find dialog, encapsulating all TAdvStringGrid find function

All these new components are available now for download at

As always, we'd like to thank our users for their continued valuable
feedback and setting directions for adding the right productivity
features to our components. We continue to look forward for your
inputs, feedback, feature wishes for all future developments.

Kind regards
Bruno Fierens & TMS software team
Email :
Web :