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Sheridan Controls - Widgets 3.0 OLE Grid

Hello All,

We are attempting to use the Sheridan Controls within CB++ 5, enterprise.
We have successfully brought in the Active X controls into the IDE but our
problem is referencing Collection Items defined by Sheridan, this seems only
directly controllable via Visual Basic(yuck!!).  The tech support at
Sheridan has conveyed examples using OLE calls to reference each item
 which doesn't seem to work correctly)

In any event, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this type of
referencing, specifically against Sheridan controls.

Or are there any 3rd party tools which will wrap this for us, again wrapping
the Sheridan control, providing easy access to each item.

Thanks in advance for your help

Anthony Lorenzo
Senior Software Engineer
(212) 468-7652


Re:Sheridan Controls - Widgets 3.0 OLE Grid

Tony, if I'm not mistaken, these controls were discussed here - try
searching with

As for the specific problem - what doesn't work and how it doesn't work?
I suspect that the Items returns an IDispatch pointer which you can
query for the actual interface it's supposed to represent. Don't forget
to release both the IDispatch and actual interface.


Tony Lorenzo wrote:


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