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Removing Video Capture Cards

I am not even sure if this is the right newsgroup for this question, but
I wrote a simple Video for Windows application, that looks for installed
video devices and then lets you choose one to display on the screen.
After I removed a video capture card and installed a new one, the old
one still shows up.  I am using       capGetDriverDescription ( ) to get
a list of video capture devices installed.

How do I get rid of the Video Capture devices that are no longer

Thanks for any input on this.



Re:Removing Video Capture Cards

I think that you need to remove them from Windows Control Panel by going

ControlPanel->Muitimedia->Devices->"Video Capture Devices"->":The Video
Capture Device you gan to remove" and it the button to remove it.

Hope this weas your question!

Jorge E. Perez

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