Memory leaks on SOAP server when client requests for WSDL

Hi, all,

I write a standalone SOAP server and a test client using BCB6.
I find a memory leakage problem, which happens when SOAP server
generates and responds WSDL to client. For your testing, the
source code can be downloaded from the following URL.

You can compile the source code using BCB6. After running the
server program, you can run the client and input a number of
looping times. Press the button 'Go' and see the memory usage
of server program. You will notice that the server program is
using more and more memory.

As mentioned above, I find that the memory leakage problem is
related to WSDL. If I let the client not request for WSDL on
each call to server(#1), the memory leakage will not exist.

Change line 24 in MainForm.cpp of client source from
        echo = GetIEcho(true);
        echo = GetIEcho(false);
I've updated my BCB6 using Update Pack #1. And the problem is
still there. I fail to find the problem in Borland SOAP source.
I even don't know how to re-build the Borland SOAP library in
BCB6 if I could fix the problem. So I try to post here for some
help and advices. Thanks in advance.