ANN: Doc-O-Matic 2.2 released!

toolsfactory announces the release and availability of Doc-O-Matic 2.2, a
free update version of Doc-O-Matic 2. A demo version is available for
immediate download from

This is a maintainence release which fixes a couple of problems in the
previous version. A complete list of fixes is available online at the
Doc-O-Matic news groups at

** What is Doc-O-Matic 2

Doc-O-Matic 2 is the latest version of our Source Code Documentation System
for C/C++ and Delphi/Pascal. For a quick example what Doc-O-Matic is able
to do for you, please see

which shows a source code fragment and the generated documentation in PDF,
HTML Help and Windows Help. Also, an example shows you how easy it is to
create Application Documentation and User Manuals using Doc-O-Matic

For highlights in Doc-O-Matic 2 please visit

** About Doc-O-Matic 2

Doc-O-Matic 2 creates fully cross linked documentation systems, including
both Source Code Documentation and Application Documentation and User
Manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help and RTF. This means that
every kind of documentation can be done with just one stand alone tool -
Doc-O-Matic 2.

By documenting your Source Code, Doc-O-Matic 2 helps you in various ways:

      * Doc-O-Matic 2 parses any C/C++ and Delphi/Pascal
        source code.
      * Additionally Doc-O-Matic 2 can extract documentation
        from source files in any programming language which
        uses comments, for example Assembler, VB, Java, SQL,
        Perl, LISP, Ada, Fortran, COBOL, and so on.
      * Doc-O-Matic 2 creates documentation systems in HTML,
        HTML Help, Windows Help, RTF and Adobe PDF.

By creating your Application Documentation, Doc-O-Matic 2 provides you with
the most common word processing features. Doc-O-Matic 2 automatically
generates table of contents, indexes and cross links within your
documentation. Doc-O-Matic 2 creates application documentation systems in
HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help, RTF and Adobe PDF.

Doc-O-Matic 2 natively creates printable User Manuals in the very popular
Adobe PDF format.

** Licensing and Pricing

The single user license price for Doc-O-Matic 2 is US$750, multi user
licenses start with 2 user licenses for US$570 per user and 3-8-user
licenses for US$390 per user. For a complete price list please visit

If you are a user of Doc-O-Matic 1 we offer you a special upgrade option
for US$200 per user. To upgrade your license to Doc-O-Matic 2 now please visit

Besides commercial licenses we offer a new license type for non-commercial
purposes in educational institutions. Educational licenses are available
for US$200 per user. For more information on licensing and pricing please visit

** More Information

If you need more information about Doc-O-Matic 2 please visit the
Doc-O-Matic homepage at

the Doc-O-Matic newsgroups at


or send us an email at .

Thanks very much for your interest in Doc-O-Matic, if you have any
questions about Doc-O-Matic please send .

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards
Markus Spoettl,