OLE WinWord Find / Replace text

I have a little problem when I run a Find / Replace all the occurrences of a
text string in an OLE Word document:

My code is:

Variant Word, Documents, Selection, Find, Replace;

    Word = Variant::CreateObject("Word.Application");
    Word.OlePropertySet("Visible", true);
    Documents = Word.OlePropertyGet("Documents");
    Documents.OleFunction("Add", Edit1->Text);
    Selection = Word.OlePropertyGet("Selection");
    Find = Selection.OlePropertyGet("Find");
    Replace = Find.OlePropertyGet("Replacement");
    Find.OlePropertySet("Text", "OldText");
    Replace.OlePropertySet("Text", "NewText");
    Find.OleProcedure("Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll");

Running this code, I receive an error on the last statement, because I don't
know how to pass the Replace option to the Execute OleProcedure.

Does anyone know how to solve my problem?

Thank you!