RSD Software announces AutoBar Ver 0.9 (Menus&Toolbars in MS Office 97 style)

AutoBar home page:

AutoBar lets you add MS Office97-style toolbars, menus and popup menus to
your applications
ABar implements all functionality that can be found in MS Office97
Fully customizable toolbars and main menu.
All actions described in terms of items that are divided into categories.
Item may be represented by menu item or by toolbar button. Item also can be
a combo box, edit box or submenu. User has option to show, hide, create and
delete toolbars, customize them by copy, move or delete items.
User can arrange toolbars, dock them to any side of window. Toolbars also
can be floating.
Main menu and popup menus are animated with several animation effects.
Since menu items are common toolbars items, them contain images. Edit boxes
and combo boxes are allowed in menus as well. As in Office97, menu bar can
be docked in vertical position.

With the help of RSD Auto Properties Store (from AOB&PS package - RSD
freeware product component,
ABar can store its state in the Registry.

ABar have exact Office97 user interface and behavior in all modes, so it
already familiar to most of people.

There are several Office97 toolbar implementations, which are required for
developer to drop 30-40 components on a form to setup toolbars and menus.
ABar contains only two components: ABarManager for all toolbars
implementation and ABarPopupMenu for popup menu. All toolbars and menus
looks in design time exactly it would look in run time. Since this is
native VCL implementation, it is much more convenient to use in Delphi and
C++ Builder than ActiveX analogs. You can change properties of every item
via ObjectInspector, setup various event handers (for example button click
or combo box custom draw events) etc.