Options Dialog Problems for Packages

Final Output setting in Option Dialog:

1.  I am putting in ${BCB}\source\SQL Express and when I click Ok it says
the directory does not exist and if I want to create it.  The directory does
exist.  I click Ok but it will do this everytime I click Ok.

2.  I put the full path in the Final Output and it does not stay but does
seem to compile with this new value.  I bring back up the options dialog and
it is gone.  ${BCB}\source\sql express does seem to stick.

3.  The help file says that if the value is blank the default is the
directory where it is compile (where bpr is located).  WRONG!  It places the
BPL in ${BCB}\projects\bpl which is where I do not want it.  It seems to be
using the global option setting in the Tools\Environment Settings\Library