IntraBob v3.0 - CGI, WinCGI and ISAPI De{*word*81}...

Hi All,

IntraBob v3.0 - Dr.Bob's FREE (win)CGI / ISAPI Tester and De{*word*81} is
now available on my website (
IntraBob v3.0 can now be used to test CGI & WinCGI applications, and
test and debug ISAPI DLLs. Web Modules (Delphi 3 C/S and C++Builder 3
C/S) are also supported, of course.
The latest version of IntraBob can always be found at
(or more specifically, at

Current ISAPI Limitations of IntraBob v3.0:
- no support for ReadClient (so any data > 48 KBytes is clipped)
- no support for ServerSupportFunction
- ISAPI DLLs are loaded and unloaded directly

Important: the usage of IntraBob v3.0 is free.  However, I cannot be
held responsible for any damage by using it (if you're not sure: just
don't use it).

          Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob - &