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Automatically removing dependency on unused package

I create an application on machine A, which has a number of third party
packages installed. When I copy the contents of the folder containing the
project to machine B, which does not have these extra packages installed, I
get a "find package import" dialogue that asks for the location of the .bpi
files. I can ignore this by clicking cancel, but then the linker returns an
error that it cannot find the .bpi file.
All this happens even when the application does not use any functionality of
said third party packages. I can solve this by manually removing all
references from the .bpr file of the package, but I was wondering if there
is an easier way. I fail to see why a project that does not use a package
needs a reference to that package in its option file.


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Re:Automatically removing dependency on unused package

Hi, Jeroen!

Check in the list under Use Runtime Packages, and first remove it from

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