I send this first contribution hoping to reach just a few people.Too many
would annoy me,no one would be like throwing a boomerang.I've just
reinstalled Trial Borland C++6
Enterprise.The fact is due to a severe malfunctioning on my system.
I wanted to personalize IDE and I modified toolbars and commands.Then I
pushed "Save
current desktop" and named it "Desktop1".The name appeared on "Desktop
after <None>,the default.Each time I selected "Desktop1",the entire
application didn't
respond anymore and I had to stop it by means of Task Manager Windows.
After this new installation I've just made the same steps and the
application works well.
Presently I've reloaded only Borland as developing product and just a RAM
I'm continuing to personalize the desktop and will communicate the entire
        Mr. Trevisan Andrea

I've just sent it to the wrong address one hour ago.Then,navigating the
Borland site
I came upon Borland developer network and its community site.I must remember
Presently I've just almost finished to personalize my IDE.I've loaded SWAT
exe.It is
rebuild very fast also in hard disk.I would plan to settle better my IDE as
I did this
morning,but the previous problem is still present.I expose it again.
I launch Borland C++6 with "Desktop1" selected in "Desktop speedsetting".I
re-load the
succesfully built SWAT project.I push RUN: 70 seconds elaps on my 1800 AMD
before the
application respond.I monitor it with Task Manager Windows and the answer it
that application doesn't respond.I have 750 MB memory total,350 MB memory
available and 400 MB
memory allocated,more or less.The problem is that during these 70 seconds
CPU is engaged
100%.Why?Then SWAT appares and I can play with bees or flies.When I finished
I exit from SWAT form and again 70 seconds before I can have IDE back.
That has never happened before,also when I had on my computer another giant
product,a server and some other tools.It started when I began to personalize
the IDE.

Again I point out that three folks reading my reports would be enough for
me.This should be the right forum: there are so many!

        Mr. Trevisan Andrea