A powerful screen saver builder!--only $15

Without any programming to make your own professional, high-quality,
distributable screen saver with True screen saver builder.

It is a real visual screen saver maker for you. Just collect images and
sounds and add them to your True screen saver builder project with a
point-and-click, drag-and-drop, easy to use, interface.

True screen saver builder merges your BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF, PCX and
other most popular media file formats images and .wav and .mid sounds to a
compact, single file, windows standard, screen saver!

You can add image files by point-and-click and adjust every image size and
position by drag-and-drop, and 78 effect styles to make your picture live.
You can also make the image floating on the screen.

Support solid color, gradient color, computer pattern or pictures as your
screen saver background, 78 computer patterns are included in presets.

Preview images and sounds while in the Wizard just like the screen saver is
running. Automatically create a Setup and Uninstall program for distributing
your screen saver. Everything is built in to your screen saver. No bulky
runtimes or DLLs need be required.

Now, it is the lastest version -- update at 9/23/2001.

Homepage: http://www.TrueShareware.com
Download: http://www.TrueShareware.com/download/tssb.zip