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HELP!! Problem with ActiveX and IE


I have developed an visible ActiveX control(a maskedit control) to be used
in a self-service application. We are using IE 5.01 to show html pages. The
problem is that sometimes when we are browsing to the pages containing the
control it seems like the control is not loaded by by IE. Then we just can
see the placeholder for the control(a little square containing a square, a
circle and a triangle). The next time we browse to the same page it's
possible that everything is okay again.
It seems for me that the problem occours when the computer is more
frequently used, I mean when some other program uses the computer or when
the selfservice application is harder used.

I'm glad for all help with this problem,

Best Regards,
Goran Erkstam


Re:HELP!! Problem with ActiveX and IE

Hi there,

I ve got the same problem with my ActiveX component. I developed it in Delphi 5.
0 and I think that the problem is the registration of the component. If I
register it from the Delphi GUI it works and if I use the RegSvr32.exe or the
TRegSvr.exe it does not work. I don't know how to solve the prob. Tried to
compare the registry settings but there are no differences?!?
Hope that someone can help us soon.

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