ANN: TRegion class integrates Windows regions into VCL

Stone Mountain Software is now shipping TRegion, a C++ class that integrates Windows regions
into the VCL in a properly object-oriented manner. This makes it very easy to program
non-rectangular windows using C++/Builder.

Basic TRegions can be created in a variety of shapes using either window or client area
coordinates, a designated VCL object, or even a TShape - in which case the TRegion takes on the
location, size, and shape of the TShape. A special constructor allows the programmer to
designate regions at design time in the Borland IDE using specially tagged TShapes.

Shape arithmetic lets the programmer add, subtract, AND, OR, and XOR regions to create more
complex areas. TRegions can have "holes" in them or be comprised of several disconnected smaller

Although their obvious use is with a TForm, a TRegion can be applied to any object derived from
TWinControl to define its display region.

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