ANN: TAdvStringGrid v1.91 release

We'd like to bring the new release of TAdvStringGrid 1.91 to
your attention. In addition to several new features and enhancements, the
release focusses on a much improved OLE based drag & drop interface for
true drag & drop of cells, rows, columns and cell ranges within one grid,
grids within one application or between different applications such as
Excel. This
also opens new exciting capabilities like adding a field chooser to
All this is demonstrated in 2 new sample applications 28 & 29 you can
download via as well as the new TAdvStringGrid v1.91
download itself.

As always, we hope you appreciate our continued efforts to provide the
features you ask for and at the same time we look forward to receiving your
continued feedback, wishes, feature requests or requests and ideas for
new components,

Kind regards
Bruno Fierens & TMS software team
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