(ANN)ActiveLedIt! 2.2 - an ActiveX control word processor

Sophist Solutions releases ActiveLedIt! 2.2
High performance word processor ActiveX control available


Sudbury, Mass. (July 28, 1997) -- Sophist Solutions has shipped ActiveLedIt!
2.2, a shareware word processor ActiveX control. ActiveLedIt! 2.2 is based
on the Led text editor building class library
 http://www.sophists.com/Led/LedClassLib/ ). ActiveLedIt! 2.2 is specially
designed to take full advantage of the new UI features of Windows 95,
Windows NT 4.0, including drag and drop, OLE embedding, and the Internet.

Since ActiveLedIt! is an ActiveX control it can be used in a number of
programming environments which support OLE controls such as Visual Basic,
Delphi, and Java.

Sophist Solutions has also released an update of their Led Class Library,
LedLineIt! text editor shareware application
(http://www.sophists.com/Led/LedLineIt/) and LedIt! word processor shareware
application ( http://www.sophists.com/Led/LedIt/ ).

Pricing and availability
ActiveLedIt! is a shareware product. Frequent users are requested to pay a
US $10.00 fee. This includes only the ActiveLedIt! text editor in binary
form and does not entitle the user to redistribute ActiveLedIt!. In
particular, it doesn't allow users to reference the ActiveLedIt! OCX in
their web pages. Web publishing using ActiveLedIt! requires a Led Class
Library License.

Sophist Solutions is a software consulting company specializing in the
design and implementation of object-oriented systems, graphical user
interfaces (Macintosh, Windows, X-Windows), distributed applications, and
Internet technologies (e.g. Java, TCP/IP, ActiveX, Netscape, HTTP, HTML,
etc). Sophist Solutions may be reached on the World Wide Web at

Information about ActiveLedIt! can be found on the World Wide Web at
http://www.sophists.com/Led/ActiveLedIt/ , by sending email to
info-...@sophists.com, or by writing to:

        Sophist Solutions
        P.O. Box 747
        Sudbury, MA 01776-0747