ANN: Doc-O-Matic 2 Preview Release 3 available for download

We are very happy to announce the latest beta version of Doc-O-Matic 2,
Preview Release 3. PR3 is available for immediate download at

Doc-O-Matic is a source code documentation system that understands how you
document source code. Doc-O-Matic generates output in different formats
using just one source.

This new version comes with an exciting set of new features such as

    * PDF output
    * Integrated Documentation Editor
    * Link Databases for automatic linking to VCL and MFC topics
    * many other exciting new features....

For a more complete list of new features and to download Doc-O-Matic now
please visit

If you have any questions about Doc-O-Matic, please send mail to .

Best Regards
Markus Spoettl,