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jpg and gif image loading

could anyone tell me :

1. Why CBuilder ships with an Image library that only seems to load the
standard file formats (BMP WMF etc). How come there is no support for Jpegs
or Gifs. As far as I know VB(patoowey)(..s'posed to be a spit noise) can
load them with ease, without delving into the arcane 'RegisterFileFormat', a
pretty deep subject with VERY LITTLE documentation. Take for example the
first parameter of that function ' System::TMetaClass *vmt ', what is the
definition of the what does it refer? (am I going on a bit?) continue..
2. Has anyone overcome the problem of loading an image in the (popular)
formats of .jpg and .gif (there MUST be). and how did you do it. I used to
have a third party component that 'enhanced' TImage so it would load the
file formats I so deeply desire (or was I just dreaming), but I had to do a
complete re-install, lost hte component,  and after searching my collection
( of thousands) of components on disc, and fruitless nights scanning the
net, I am left tearing out what little hair I have left at the futility of
it all.

I have found a dll that will load a jpg, but the darned function returns an
hbitmap, not allowed in Builder, (yes th dll was written in Delphi),  and I
have scanned the documentaion (Well, Charlie Calvert's Unleashed), which
only suggests rewriting the function to return a pointer(nice if I had the
source, but it's a dll), so my search continues (and goes on about as long
as I do)....
...or am I just missing something really obvious?
Appologies for the length (and possibly spelling), any help would be

many thanks for your time,


Re:jpg and gif image loading

O.K. sorry I just found the other news group 'builder graphics'.

Kris Green <> wrote in message

> Hi,
> could anyone tell me :

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