Delphi 1.0 + QuickReport 2.0 + Paradox Table

I have downloaded the QuickReport 2.0 evaluation version for Delphi 1.0.
But I was unable to include any RTF component into the report.  

Basically, I have a Paradox table with the type Alpha and formatted memo.
So, I want to build a report showing the Alpha and formatted fields with
the autosizing feature (i.e. if the formatted field value has 5 pages of
data, the QuickReport will print only 5 pages.  If it is only 1 page of
data, QR2 will print 1).

Does anyone know if there is a way for 3rd party component to add on the
QR2 in order to print RTF fields?  Is this possible? (Basically, I am
looking for similar feature like TQRDBRichText that built-in in Delphi 3.0
for QR).