Problem with importing a VB6 ActiveX component into C++ Builder 5.0

I've encountered a problem while trying to import an ActiveX component,
written in Visual Basic (6.0, SP3), into C++ Builder 5.0 IDE. Symptoms
and observations follow:

1. I imported my ActiveX component using a trial version of C++ Builder
4.0 Enterprise Edition without any problems.

2. When I use C++ Builder 5.0 Professional Edition, I can't
successfully import my ActiveX component, but I can successfully import
other registered ActiveX components.

3. C++ Builder 5.0 creates following files when I import the ActiveX

RS_OCX.cpp, RS_OCX.dsr, RS_OCX.h, RS_TLB.h. RS_TLB.cpp.

The problem is, these files contain only the basic "shell" information
that you might see for any ActiveX control, but there's no substance
that's specific to my ActiveX control.

I know of a Builder utility called TlbWrtr that generates these files.
In examining the TlbWrtr utility, I found that C++ Builder 4.0 uses
realize number and C++ Builder 5.0 uses I was
wondering what may have changed between these versions of Builder.

A temporary workaround is to use TlbWrtr (from Builder 4.0)
and then install my VB component, but I'm afraid that this workaround
might lead to some problems later on.

Has anyone encountered this problem and if so, does anyone know how to
fix this problem?

John S.