Visual Speller for C++Builder 4

I'm currently integrating the Visual Speller tool included with
C++Builder 4 into a data entry project.  It works remarkably well except
for one small problem. I need to be able to determine whether or not the
spelling dialogue box appeared. Right now I can invoke the spell checker
and detemine if the box appeared and was exited by either word
replacement or a "cancel" but I cannot identify exiting the dialogue box
with an "ignore". I've tried all the return codes that I know and none
of them work.

In other words (pseudo code) I need to know how to fill in either of the
following approaches....

VSpell1->CheckText   =  string;
if (there was a word replaced) //I've got this working by comparing text
or (there was a cancel)            //I've got this working by return
or (there was an ignore)          //I DON'T HAVE THIS
    //do my stuff....


VSpell1->CheckText   =  string;
if (the stupid dialogue box appeared) //I DON'T HAVE THIS
    //do my stuff.....

Any suggestions?


Tom Groleau
Press-Ganey Associates