Cannot reserve virtual memory at add xxxx for -xxxxx bytes (errcode 87)

Hi everyone!

I'm in dire need of help... I'm using Borland C++ Builder 5 enterprise, and
has been developing a project with it for a few months now. Every once in a
while I would get an error that reads almost identically to this (the
numbers would often differ):

[Linker Error] Fatal: Error detected (LME351)
[Linker Warning] Cannot reserve virtual memory at addr 6E4D0000 for -5046272
bytes (errcode 87)
[Linker Warning] Unable to perform incremental link - performing full
[Linker Error] Could not delete C:\SoulSeek\SoulSeek.tds (project already
open in IDE?)
[Linker Error] Fatal: Access violation.  Link terminated.

Usually, rebuilding the project would do the trick. However, the more the
development proceeded, the more recurrent the error became. At this time, I
have not managed to link the project once in about three days, getting the
exact same error above. I ran a search through several places and got a few
results showing other people having the same problem with Borland C++
Builder 4. In their case, it turned out that BCB couldn't handle a .TDS file
larger than 32 megabytes. I checked my TDS file and it is about 37
megabytes. I tried all of the suggested workarounds, like turning off debug
libraries and manually removing all .il* and the .tds files and then
rebuilding, over and over again, but I can't seem to overcome this problem.
It *seems* like my problem is the same that those people have had with
Borland C++ Builder4, although I find it hard to believe that a development
tool that's so much better in virtually every way than any other I've used
(Yes, I've used MS Visual C++) would{*word*222}up as royally as to carry a bug
that disables working with projects large enough to produce more than 32
megs of debug info from one version through several service packs and up to
a major version upgrade! I tend to believe this is not the case, but rather
that I am doing something wrong. Anyone knows about this problem and
possible ways to circumvent it?

Thanks much!