Localization with inherited forms : bad, bad, bad


I've bought Enterprise version to have the ITE to localized my application
... NOTHING is working correctly !

I'm creating a single application, with a form. Now create a second
inheriting from first. Add a button. Build international (using Resource DLL
wizard). Until here, it works fine. Now change in the descendant form in the
second language the width of the buttons.

Build all, open the translation manager, it gives a big mess in the form
(creating several times the same property). Now add on the descendant form
(original language), a second button. Build the original project. Open
translation manager, update. Open the descendant form in the second
language, you loose the width set before to add the button, and the mess is
coming greather.

What am I missing ? Is ITE supporting inheritance in forms ? Do I have to
switch to a really professional localization tool (can anyone give me an
hint) ?

I'm working on a big scale project, and I cannot admit any hazardous and
destructive nehavior.
I'm a little bit disapointed, I bought the Enterprise version for that, and
it seems that it doesn't work !

Help would be appreciate.

Didier Kuttel