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Key fix for IWebBrowser2 problems..

Twice I've posted this message, and waited about a month, but nobody
responded. I've seen so many posts about the key problems with IWebBrowser2.
Everyone's always being referred to this article, but never hear again from
them. If anyone has implented this article and succesfully translated it to
c++, and NOT have the problems I have, could they please contact me?

Here's the original msg:

I finally implemented the now well known fix for certain keys (TAB etc) for
the TWebBrowser component (using the first solution given at,1410,6302,00.html)

But now I've come across a very strange problem. The tab key perfectly
switches between form controls on the html pages, but there's only one thing
that goes wrong:
when for example on the login screen of you "tab" into a
dropdownlist, it won't "tab" through to the next edit box (or other controls
in other cases) but will be stuck in there. This does not happen when using
Internet Explorer itself.

Any of you experts out there know about this problem?
Help/hints/thought/examples/money appreciated:)



Re:Key fix for IWebBrowser2 problems..

Added to this is an even more annoying problem, the Enter key doesn't work
anymore when using this fix.


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