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OpenGL and MDI Application


I am trying to display my OpenGL drawings on a MDI Child Form.  I didn't
have many problems to display the image on the Child Form, but I don't seem
to be able to access some properties of the form.  For exemple, I cannot
resize the image, because the application doesn't seem to respond to the
form's OnResize event.  The same happens when I try to make my drawing
respond to mouse events.  It would be far simpler if I could use the GLUT
commands on my child form, but it also doesn't seem to respond to them.

Adriano Dal Bosco


Re:OpenGL and MDI Application


I have used OpenGL in BCB.  I can always make the OpenGL view respond to a
resize event.

Post some code snippets that show me what you are doing and I may be able to
help you.

BTW, GLUT is a wrapper around the Windows API.  So is the VCL.  These two
wrappers were never designed to work together, so I suggest that you abandon
GLUT if you want to use the VCL.  There are several freeware BCB/OpenGL
components on the web.  You can find links to these at the bottom of my
OpenGL page.


Re:OpenGL and MDI Application


  I am sorry, but I really don't understand completely the code in my
programme.  Actually, I just copied some code that uses GLUT and made some
modifications to display the images on an MDI Child Form.  Indeed, I used
mostly VCL, but it didn't work on responding to resize and mouse events...
  Anyway now that doesn't matter anymore.  I downloaded Daniel Plakosh's
Open GL Component which you recommend in your page and I think it can do
everything I need.  Thank you for the tip.


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