ANN: WPForm 2.01 -a component suite for labels, graphics, lists and user defined forms

WPForm  is  a powerful component suite (VCL) which adds "form" support
in any Delphi or C++Builder application.
This component suite is quite unique - it was created to make creative
ideas possible. It support owner drawn objects, custom objects, easy
localization, metric and american units ...

"Forms"  are  understood to be graphic files which can contain various
graphic  objects, such as text, boxes, bitmaps, lines, etc. A form can
contain multiple pages and even a watermark, if desired. These "forms"
can be created, edited, filled, previewed and printed.

In  a  certain  mode  (called  'FormCompletionMode')  WPForm  displays
editors  for  all fields with a specific attribute and locks all other
objects.  This  allows  you  to  use  the  form for data entry and for
printing! It also makes it possible to create forms which look exactly
like the paper based forms your users are familiar with.

But that's not all WPForm can do!

1)  In  contrast to some products, WPForm includes the source code for
the  form  designer!  With the special wizard component a raw designer
can be created within seconds.

2) WPForm can also be used to print labels!
This  may  sound  trivial,  but  there's  more  to  it than you think.
WPForm's  technology  enables  you  to preview all label sheets before
they are printed.

4) WPForm can also create lists!
But  these lists are more than just your average list. WPForm supports
a certain object type, the TWPFReportArea, which automatically creates
a table with objects by using the first row as a

5) WPForm can be attached to any TDataSet!
Not  only can the form be automatically loaded from a dataset, but the
graphic  objects  can  also be attached to database fields loaded from
multiple datasets.

6) WPForm is a powerful graphics editor!
Although  the design and the handling was optimized to create database
forms, WPForm still simulates a vector graphics program. This includes
the  possibility of selecting a group of objects and changing the size
of  the  entire  group  or updating their attributes. Possible actions
include the rotation (in increments of 90 degrees), sizing, mirroring,
shifting, duplication and changing the alignment.

7) WPForm supports creative graphic objects!
You  can  use  the  owner drawn object to easily embed the output of a
Tchart  in  WPForm.  You can also create custom graphic controls to be
used  for  printed  output  or  to  start  certain  actions. Using the
polyline  object  you  can  embed  symbols  from any TT-font into your
program or even draw a line or a polygon.

8) WPForm can be localized quickly and easily!
The  WPForm  engine  uses either inches or centimeters as the unit for
all  the  position  properties.  The  strings (action captions, hints,
property  names)  are  created  in one unit which makes it possible to
hide and change texts.

9) WPForm also contains an object inspector!
This object inspector allows you to change most object attributes even
though  many  of  the  attributes  (color, etc.) can easily be changed
using actions (menu items and/or tool buttons).

10) WPForm can optionally use WPTools for RTF texts.

11) WPForm and wPDF are a perfect match!
Together  with  wPDF  WPForm  can  export  to  a  PDF  file  and  also
automatically  create hyperlinks and bookmarks. All the user has to do
is  to  assign  a string to the URL and/or BookMark property of any of
the graphic objects.

Prices: WPForm PRO US$369, WPForm Standard US$198
WPTools customer save US$50