BCB 3: Developer’s Guide (Professional and Client/Server versions only)


the online help mentions that there is a "Developers Guide
(Professional and Client/Server versions only)".

I am not in the least interested in having that _printed_, but I
cannot find any PDF or online documentation covering these contents:

It provides in-depth information on intermediate to advanced
programming topics you need to create database applications, custom
components, and Internet and intranet applications. It also describes
how to work with COM and ActiveX.

I have browsed the online documentation for this and while I can find
topics like "Developing database applications", "Developing Internet
applications", "Creating ActiveX controls" and so on, I wonder where
the __advanced__ (low-level) documentation is.

One additional example is the compiler internals - while I can find
every detail with respect to the Object Pascal part ("Control issues"
etc), where is the same for the C++ part ?   Even a statement saying
"it's the same" (I do expect this) would be just fine.

Is there any Inprise documentation I should get hold of to remedy this


PS: Thanks a lot for not messing up the Win32 help files!
Even Delphi 3.01 shipped with an unusable set which I had to replace
with the BC++ 5.02 set.

Stefan.Hoffmeister (at) Uni-Passau.de
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