BCB5 Scroll Bar "runs into" MS_Office Tool Bar

BCB5 Scroll Bar "runs into" MS_Office Tool Bar

My application works to a point.  The first time I click on the scroll bar
(located just below a canvass - bitmap drawn graph) in order to locate the
bounds of an integration (that displays on the graph), both the canvass and
scroll bar "jump" making the placement of the bounds out of register with
the graph's curve (and the subsequent coloring (floodfill) doesn't work
properly).  All references to positions on the bitmap seem to be offset by
an amount equal to this jump and it happens only when the MSOffice toolbar
appears "splashed against" the right side of the screen.

When, in continued operation of my program, I "run across" this scroll bar
again, everything seems to be "OK."  Positions of the vertical bars are
correct relative to the graph on the canvass.

This is a mystery.  If I could test for the presence of the tool bar or get
rid of it entirely when my application is running (restore after, of
course), I would be a happy camper.  I have discovered that if, and only if,
the user of MS Office was clever and checked AUTO HIDE from the window that
"right clicking" on the tool bar brings up, then the tool bar goes away
automatically when another program is running.  And, it can be easily
retrived when needed.  But that is something that I a programmer should be
able to "take care of" programmatically, from within my application!

I thought the Screen->Width would change with this toolbar, but such does
not seem to be the case.   Maybe I'm missing something.

I could, I suppose, succomb to the greater power of Microsoft and just
expand my graph's window less than the full extent of the screen's width to
always assume the presence of a toolbar.  WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT THAT WOULD
BE FOR ME !      (Score one for Mr. Gates.)