{*word*218} question on using the new tlibimp patch?

I did what the readme file said to do but i just have one question:

When it says to:
5. Run the IDE and import the TypeLibrary or OCX
   NOTE: The IDE will detect the presence of the MYOCX_TLB.H and
   and will prompt for whether they should be regenerated. Reply *NO*.

Is this the one under project\import type library?

Cause if it is then all i do is select the control and do an add and press
ok, but i get the following error:
A class named 'TWMExplorerControlProxy' is aready installed and
just press  ok

Am i doing it right.


If i just say OK and drop the control in the form and begin to
ompile( without adding any code of my own ) i get
this error:

    // These are the ActiveX control names put in by Borland in the
__published section
    TWMWorkspaceControlProxy *WMWorkspaceControlProxy1;
    TWMExplorerControlProxy *WMExplorerControlProxy1;

    [C++ Error] Unit.h(16): Type name expected
    [C++ Error] Unit.h(16): Declaring missing;
    [C++ Error] Unit.h(17): Type name expected
    [C++ Error] Unit.h(17): Declaring missing;
    [C++ Error] Unit.h(16): Not an allowed type.
    [C++ Error] Unit.h(17): Not an allowed type.

I think this has something to do with the way I did the tlibimp patch b/c I
didnt have this problem before.  I think at has something to do with step 5.
Cuase unsure of how to do that part.

Any help or advice