ListView SubItem problems

First, I tried your suggestion to add an:


This didn't seem to make a difference.  Then I tried your other

> lv->Items->BeginUpdate();            // Try this

> >          li = lv->Items->Add();
> >          TForm* OwnerForm = (TForm *)GetParentForm(this);
> >          li->Caption = OwnerForm->Caption;
> >          li->SubItems->Add(EditLabel->Caption);
> >          li->SubItems->Add(OrigText);
> >          li->SubItems->Add(Text);
> >          li->SubItems->Add("?");
> lv->Items->EndUpdate();                // Try this
> >          li->Caption = OwnerForm->Caption;   // do this last,

after loading other columns


It did the trick!  Thanks, Asger!  I had not bothered to try that
before because I was making all of my updates to the ListView while
the containing form was hidden and then showing the form only after
the updates had been applied, so I didn't think it would make a
difference.  I'm still not sure why it made a difference, but I'm glad
it did!  Thanks again!